Astringent Lotion

CODE/编号: SJ 9006 (P)
Volume: 150 ml

Astringent Lotion performs triple actions of balancing, refreshing and degreasing; makes skin smooth, soft and clear. It is ideal for normal to oily and combination skins. It can also help to control and balance excessive sebum and refine skin texture and colour tone.

In the morning and evening, after cleansing, apply (with or without cotton wool) on to the whole face. Optional – If necessary, apply a few drops of Regulating Lotion on to the pimples or problem area, wait for a while until it has been fully absorbed (dry). Then apply Regulating Cream or Hydro-Emulsion Cream sparingly on to the skin. In the morning, Protective Cream (SPF 50) can be applied as a sun block. For oily or combination skins, it is best to apply Loose Powder on top of Protective Cream.  In addition, it can also be used just before make-up to freshen up the skin.

Astringent Lotion對油脂分泌過剩的肌膚,具有收歛,清爽及調理的功效,可使皮膚清新,柔軟膚質. 適合一般中性至偏油或混合肌膚者使用. 它也可控制及平衡過多油脂; 並改善膚色.

早晚洗淨臉,用化粧棉沾少許輕拍於臉部或直接噴灑於臉部. 如需要,滴少許Regulating Lotion于手心,塗抹於面皰部份或患處,稍等肌膚完全吸收後(乾),再配合 Regulating Cream或 Hydro-Emulsion Cream塗抹於肌膚. 在早上, 可加用防曬隔離霜Protective Cream (SPF 50). 油性暗瘡肌膚者可再塗上藥性松粉Translucent Loose Powder.