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Selily – Beauty Treatment Homecare Products

Selily is the first cosmetic treatment skincare based on the specially chosen, purest and highest quality of ingredients available from the exotic nature. The special formulations resulted from the advanced extensive research and science technology, which are exclusively designed for the tropical skins. These give rise to outstanding results and some extraordinary effective actions on the skin. As a result, skin is replenished and revived to the optimum best possible condition. Seeking for true beauty is never a dream when Selily treatment skincare is applied continuously. It is research and developed by France and Japan technology team, and manufacture in a quality control country, Taiwan.

The objective of ultimate treatment skincare is to looking good!

Selily (喜樂麗) 乃首個美容治療護膚品採用大自然特選,最純樸和優品質的成份製造而成. Selily的特別配方是採用先進的科學研發和技術以針對熱帶氣候的皮膚問題. 因此Selily能給予皮膚卓越和迅速的效果. 持續地使用Selily,肌膚將逐步改善至理想的狀況並實現您美麗的渴望. Selily 是采用法国和日本先进科技研发的,在一個高品質管理的國家,台灣,生產.


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