Cream Face Mask

CODE/编号: SE 4011-1
Volume: 180 gm

Cream Face Mask has the effects of deep cleansing, refining, lightening, degreasing and relaxation. It also helps the penetration of nourishing cream into the skin.

Apply moderate amount of mask on a thoroughly cleansed skin, avoid eye areas. Leave to work for 10-20 minutes (dry up), Rinse well with water. Tone and moisturize as usual. For acne or seborrheic skins, apply twice a week. For normal to oily or combination skins, apply once a week. As it is a setting mask, so it is best to lie down after applying mask.

Cream Face Mask 含有深入清潔皮膚,改善皮膚質地,美白,收斂去油及鬆懈皮膚的功效. 它也可以協助把營養霜滲透入皮膚.

取適量(10-15 gm) 搽於已清潔的皮膚上, 避免眼部周圍及嘴唇. 稍等10-20分鐘後(乾硬), 用清水洗淨. 拍上保養水如Regulating Lotion 或Astringent Lotion 或Softening Lotion或Hydrating Lotion. 再搽上適合的保養霜.

油性或暗瘡皮膚,建議1星期可使用2次Cream Face Mask,中至油性或混合性皮膚者,建議1星期使用1次Cream Face Mask. 由於Cream Face Mask會乾硬,因此最好使用時橫躺下身體.