Deep Cleansing Lotion

CODE/编号: SJ 9014
Volume: 300 ml

Deep Cleansing Lotion has remarkable effects of softening comedones/ black heads and white heads; therefore deep-cleansing the pores of the skin.

Apply sufficient amount of Deep Cleansing Lotion on a cotton wool. Place it over desired areas for 5 to 8 minutes (result will be better with steamer). It is recommended to rinse off skin after the extraction of comedones and pustules. Regulating Lotion can then be applied on to the problem areas. This is followed by Regulating Cream or Hydro-Emulsion Cream.

Deep Cleansing Lotion可有效軟化黑頭及白頭粉刺,調整皮膚組織系統,讓粉刺自然浮現易見,使之無痛且安全方便清除。蒸臉時取適量Deep Cleansing Lotion將棉花適度沾濕後,敷於有粉刺部位,5-8分鐘後(用蒸汽機效果更佳),粉刺自然浮現,有助於清除. Regulating Lotion 可用於清除部分以避免產生瑕疵, 稍等乾後再用Regulating Cream 或Hydro-Emulsion Cream塗搽便可.