Hydrating Cream

CODE/编号: SD 3007
Volume: 35 ml

Hydrating Cream helps to preserve moisture within the cells of the skin tissue. Hence, it helps to prevent dehydration and excessive desquamation (skin peel off) of the skin. It promotes suppleness and elasticity of the skin. Fine lines on skin due to dehydration can be reduced effectively. It is ideal for normal, combination, dehydrated or young skins.

Gently apply Hydrating Cream on the cleansed skin after cleansing and Hydrating Lotion as toner, day and night. In the morning, Protective Cream (SPF 50) can be applied as a sun block. For oily to combination skins, it is best to apply Loose Powder on top of Protective Cream.

Hydrating Cream能滋潤皮膚組織細胞,防止乾燥,脫水,脫皮,使皮膚光滑細膩富彈性,脫水皮膚上的細紋可以有效的減少,永保青春美麗. 適合一般中性,混合性,脫水或年輕肌膚使用.

早晚洗淨臉,拍上Astringent Lotion(偏油者)或Hydrating Lotion(偏乾者)後,取適量Hydrating Cream均勻拭擦於全臉。在早上, 可加用防曬隔離霜Protective Cream (SPF 50). 如需要,可再塗上松粉 Translucent Loose Powder.