Hydrating Lotion

CODE/编号: SJ 9004 (P)
Volume: 150 ml

Hydrating Lotion rehydrates (supplies and holds moisture on to the skin) and balances the pH of the skin. It is ideal for normal, combination, dry and matured skins without pimples.

With the use of cotton wool, apply sparingly on to the skin after cleansing; or just spray Hydrating Lotion on to the clean skin. Moisturiser or cream may be followed thereafter. In the morning, Protective Cream (SPF 50) can be applied as a sun block, followed by Loose Powder.

Hydrating Lotion能有效地補充水份(提供及儲存皮膚內的水份)和平衡皮膚pH.  它是用於中性,混合,乾性及成熟皮膚(無暗瘡)者使用.

早晚洗淨臉,用化粧棉沾少許輕拍於臉部或直接噴灑於臉部,再使用中乾性保養霜保養.在早上, 可加用防曬隔離霜Protective Cream (SPF 50). 再塗上松粉 Translucent Loose Powder.