Liposome Moisturiser

CODE/编号: SG 6012
Volume: 150 ml

Liposome Moisturiser contains essential active ingredients and liposome to help to moisturize, revitalize and nourish the skin. It improves cellular regeneration and promotes youthfulness. It is ideal for dry and matured skins.

Apply sufficient amount all over the face after cleanse and tone, day and night. . In the morning, Protective Cream (SPF 50) can be applied as a sun block.

Liposome Moisturiser含重要活耀成份及微子粒,乃高滋養配方,能補充肌膚所需的營養及水份,滋潤、保濕性特強,可促進肌膚細胞新陳代謝,防止老化,維持肌膚柔潤光澤. 適合用於乾性及老化肌膚使用.

早晚洗淨臉,先拍化粧水如Softening Lotion或Hydrating Lotion後,再取適量Liposome Moisturiser均勻拭擦於全臉. 在早上, 可加用防曬隔離霜Protective Cream (SPF 50). 如需要,可再塗上松粉 Translucent Loose Powder.