Protective Cream

CODE/编号: SD 3026
Volume: 35 ml

CODE/编号: SD 3028
Volume: 35 ml

Protective Cream with SPF 50, helps to prevent premature aging often accelerated by harmful sunrays. It gives immediate relief from sunburn. This is because it contains active repairing and restructuring ingredients to helps skin repair itself after exposure to the sun or UV rays. Protective Cream is suitable for all skin types as it is water based.

Apply Protective Cream on to face, neck and eye areas after the skin has been cleansed, toned and moisturized. Apply as a make-up base during the day or before makeup.

For oily or acne skins, it is recommended to apply Translucent Loose Powder after application of Protective Cream.

Protective Cream含有SPF 50,能協助預防由陽光導致的未老先衰現象. 它能迅速地改善曬傷後的皮膚. 這是因為它含有活耀的修補及護膚成份以促進皮膚自行維修. Protective Cream適合用於全部類型肌膚因為它是水溶性.

洗淨臉,塗上保養水和面霜後,取適量Protective Cream塗搽於臉部,頸部及眼睛周圍部分. 在早上或化妝前,它也可以用作為化妝底霜.

油性或暗瘡肌膚者,塗搽Protective Cream後,建議使用Translucent Loose Powder.