Regulating Lotion

CODE/编号: SJ 9001
Volume: 30ml

CODE/编号: SJ 9002
Volume: 100ml

能改善面皰,毛孔阻塞,暗瘡,黑頭,毛孔粗大,暗瘡疤印,粉刺性肌膚的問題,修護損傷細胞,預防感染或毛囊炎,幫助毛孔收緊,調整膚質。痊癒後不會留下凹洞或疤痕。無刺激性,不傷皮膚,使用時無刺痛感覺與脫皮現象,需與Regulating Cream 或 Hydro-Emulsion Cream 配合使用,效果更佳。

早晚洗淨臉後,滴少許Regulating Lotion于手心,塗抹於面皰部份或患處,稍等肌膚完全吸收後(乾),再配合 Regulating Cream或 Hydro-Emulsion Cream塗抹於肌膚. 在早上, 可加用防曬隔離霜Protective Cream (SPF 50). 油性暗瘡肌膚者可再塗上藥性松粉(不阻塞毛孔) Translucent Loose Powder.

Regulating Lotion helps to improve acne problem, clogged pores, pimples, black heads, enlarged pores, acne scars, white heads and blemishes; it also heals skin tissue, prevents folliculitis or cross infection, helps to tighten up pores, balance skin texture. Constant use of Regulating Lotion will heal the skin without leaving scar and blemish. It is safe and mild on the skin, it will not cause dehydration and show best result when use with Regulating Cream or Hydro-Emulsion Cream.

After cleansing the skin (in the morning and evening), apply a few drops of Regulating Lotion on to the pimples or problem areas, wait for a while until it has been fully absorbed (dry), then apply Regulating Cream or Hydro-Emulsion Cream sparingly on to the skin. In the morning, Protective Cream (SPF 50) can be applied as a sun block and makeup base. For oily acne skins, it is best to apply Loose Powder on top of Protective Cream.